Anahita Shetty
     Landed on planet Earth at 12:13PM,
     16th October 2007

That's me, minutes after I got extracted from inside my Ma, spanked, cleaned, wrapped and placed in a strange box with oxygen in it to help me breathe... Only, I thought it also tasted kinda nice... ;-)

That's my Ma, now that's the smile of a proud mother, also happier after losing 15 pounds and 10 inches in 1 hour, without diets or exercise !!!

First they forcibly pull you out, then they snip your cord, then they spank you until you scream, then they put a needle in your poor newborn bum to test some blood, then they tie you up like your gonna bite them, and they call it birth... Obviously after all the torture I was a little suspicious of everything...

Yawn... Can we do the remaining photos tomorrow...

Aint I looking comfy here? Of course not every baby has an overweight father!

Our first family pic... Ma and Pa were trying so hard to keep me still that I ended up being the only clear part of this picture...

Sometimes, the only way to get the paparazzi to stop clicking your photos all the time is to give them what they want... exactly what I did here!

This is my first diaper... Pity didn't last very long!

My first few days were full of hard lessons, this is when I just discovered that everything you put into your mouth doesn't necessarily taste great!

Every star deserves some privacy, I'm no exception... especially when I'm not wearing any make-up!

Very few people know how tiring feeding can be... for the baby! This is me, totally drunk from the effort... hanging onto my Ma!